One food that’s bound to be at many Fourth of July celebrations is guacamole. The ingredients for guacamole are usually basic – avocado, onion, garlic, cilantro, perhaps some tomato or jalapeno pepper. One ingredient that's definitely not in traditional guacamole is peas, but The New York Times wants to change that.

Peas in guacamole? Why would anyone put this “tweak upon a classic,” as the NYT calls it? Even President Obama isn't willing to mess with the classic recipe.

Adding peas to guacamole apparently adds “intense sweetness” and a “chunky texture” to guacamole, making it “more substantial on the chip,” according to NYT. It also makes the dip a deeper green and keeps it from turning brown around the edges for a few days if kept in the refrigerator, aided by a “good dose of lime juice.”

My initial reaction? “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I feel no need to try this recipe. If someone else made it and asked me to try it, I certainly would. Who knows? Maybe it’s amazing. (A food writer for Vox gave it a try and concluded that it’s not.)

I’m not willing to do the considerable extra work to figure it out on my own. The guacamole I make takes about 10 minutes to put together. The NYT recipe calls for shucking fresh peas, plunging them in boiling water, and putting them in ice bath before blending them in a food processor with jalapenos that you have to broil in the oven. Not only is it extra work to make the pea puree and broil the jalapenos, there’s an extra pot, the food processor and a broiler pan to wash when it’s all done.

Although I’m not interested in making this recipe, I am interested in reading the response to it on social media. Many of them are comical. Very few people are willing to "give peas a chance," and it makes for some good entertainment.

Even MNN's Jerry James Stone has something to say about it.

Not everyone is against the idea, though. James Beard Award-winning chef and cookbook author Rick Bayless is pro peas in guacamole.

Where do you fall on this oh-so-important issue? Are you pro or con peas in guacamole?

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​Peas in guacamole? That's comical
You may not want to put peas in your guacamole, but you'll want to read people's reactions to the idea.