Last week’s Philly Swappers food swapping event was wonderful. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society in Philadelphia donated space for the swap, and food enthusiasts filled the rows between bookshelves with a variety of homemade foods.


The pizza sauce that I told you about yesterday was a huge hit. I took a sample for people to try with pieces of whole grain Naan bread, and I heard people say things like “this pizza sauce is crazy good.” I was able to swap everything but one jar of caramelized onions (which was fine because now I have a jar for myself), and I came home with some foods that I’ve never tried before — among them pickled peaches, hot habanero glaze, orange ginger curd, and vegan cookies that my boys devoured when I got home.


Some of the participants in last week’s Philly Swappers event have posted their recipes on their blogs. In addition to the 10 easy items to make for a food swap that I wrote about last week, any of these items would be great to consider if you’ll be participating in a food swap in your region.



  • Caramel Rosemary Popcorn – This recipe from Lee of the Feed Me Lee blog uses homemade caramel and fresh rosemary to create a treat that has been declared “addictive” by some of the people who have tried it.
  • Rosemary Paprika Candied Walnuts – Mel from Cupcake Friday Project made these incredibly delicious sweet and savory candied walnuts for the potluck table at the event, where everyone could nibble while checking out the swap items. I liked them so much I made them myself last night for an Oscar party.
  • Chocolate Covered Potato Chips – Allyson from Manifest Vegan made the perfect sweet & salty combo by simply covering potato chips in melted chocolate chips. This treat is gluten-free and vegan.
  • Strawberry Balsamic Jam – My friend Wendy from La Phemme Phoodie took a few jars of this preserved jam out of her pantry for the food swap.
  • Drunken Cherries – Wendy also grabbed a couple of jars of these Drunken Cherries. I ended up with a jar of these and I’m undecided about how I’m going to use them. Topping as a cheesecake is very tempting, but I’m still mulling it over.
  • Lime Chipotle Finishing Salt – Sara, also known as The Cozy Herbivore, created this finishing salt that can rim a margarita glass or add some zip to fish or chicken.
  • Homemade Pasta – Georgia from Oh Kitchen, What You Won’t Do made pasta based off of this David Lebovitz recipe.

You can see that at the Philly Swappers event, as long as it was homemade, it was welcome. There was freshly made bread, canned preserves, sweet treats, soups, condiments, and more — all very good.


Have you participated in a food swap? What did you make for swapping?

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Recipes from a food swap
Philly Swappers attendees share their recipes for the special homemade foods they brought to the event.