I remember last year’s buzz surrounding the release of Sam Sifton’s “Thanksgiving: How to Cook it Well,” but I didn't get a chance to check it out until now. It’s a book that gives you the tools, rules and recipes you need to cook a traditional Thanksgiving dinner: turkey and dressing, common side dishes like mashed potatoes, butternut squash, green beans, and cranberry sauce, and dessert (which Sifton insists must always include pie.)

Along with releasing the book, last year Sifton shared his 6 Thanksgiving Rules to Live By that I thought were great — especially his “no salad” rule.

This year, just in time for those who will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner, “Thanksgiving: How to Cook it Well” is available in the eBook version on both Amazon for Kindle and Barnes & Noble for Nook for $1.99. Both sites have very favorable user reviews.

For that price, I downloaded the book for my Kindle, even though I’m not hosting the holiday this year. It is definitely worth the two bucks. Even though I hosted the meal for 14 straight years and I have my recipes down pat, I got some ideas from the book. Serve hot buttered rum with dessert. Why haven’t I ever done that? And, he has some leftover recipe ideas, including a breakfast recipe that uses dressing (or stuffing if that’s what you call it), eggs and hot sauce. It sounds delicious.

For those who don’t have it down pat, the book is more than just a recipe book. There are tips about centerpieces (must be low enough for everyone to see each other across the table), candles (a must, but no scented candles), and setting a proper, elegant table. The section on drinks is excellent (Pinot Noir is most definitely not the only red you can serve with a turkey.)

If you’re cooking your first Thanksgiving dinner or your 14th, take a look at “Thanksgiving: How to Cook it Well.” You can view the first 12 pages or so online before you purchase it so you can get an idea of Sifton’s style and wit. If you’re interested in purchasing, I don’t know how long the $1.99 price tag will last on the eBook, so don’t wait too long to download it.

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Sam Sifton's 'Thanksgiving: How to Cook it Well' is $1.99 for Kindle or Nook
Guide to pulling off a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with style from the former New York Times restaurant critic is a bargain.