When I made a muffin recipe from “Snack Girl to the Rescue” for the first time, I halved it as I often do when trying something new. I turned to The Common Cook’s How-Many Guide to Kitchen Conversions to turn easily halve the 1/3 cup of brown sugar in the original recipe. (It’s 5 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon, by the way.)

I advised you a couple of weeks ago to print the guide and hang it on your refrigerator because it’s incredibly useful. Now, there’s an even better way to hang the guide your kitchen. It’s available as a wall cling from Walls360

I received a sample of the 9”x15” wall cling version of the conversion guide, and for the past few days I’ve been taking it up and down and moving it around the kitchen to make sure it works the way I was told it would work. I was told it was self-adhesive and easy to install. That’s true.

It’s supposed to be easy to remove and re-used hundreds of times without leaving a mark or damaging surfaces. Well, I haven’t tested it hundreds of times, but I’ve put it on and peeled it off my wall, a window, the side of my kitchen hutch and the inside of a kitchen cabinet many times. Each time, there has been nothing left behind when I peeled it off and it attached to the next surface as easily as the last.

The conversion guide is printed on fabric that’s supposed to stick to almost any surface – walls, windows, ceilings, around corners, and on furniture. What I like most about it, besides its functionality, is that the materials for the wall cling are biodegradable and the inks are non-toxic. The guides are also printed on demand. That means there is no excess inventory or over-production.

The kitchen conversion wall cling is available in several background colors – white, brown, coral and steel. There are also a variety of sizes to choose from starting with a 6”x12” wall cling at $9 and going up to a 30”x60” at $99.

My conversion guide will live on the inside of my kitchen cabinet where I keep most of the baking supplies. That seems to make sense for me.

Where would you hang this useful wall cling?

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The super-useful Common Cook’s How-Many Guide to Kitchen Conversion is now a wall cling
You’ll refer to this guide that’s printed on biodegradable fabric with non-toxic ink almost every time you need to convert a recipe.