If you've been hungry for more delicious undead-themed recipes from "The Vegan Zombie," you'll be thrilled to know a companion cookbook will soon be rising from the grave. 

Chris Cooney and Jon Tedd, the creators of the popular plant-based YouTube series, announced back in March that they were putting plans in motion for a new recipe book containing between 75-100 recipes. Even better, the tome will include chapters in between the recipes that graphically illustrate just how the zombie apocalypse happened.

“It’s not just a cookbook, it’s also a graphic novel, like a comic that tells the story of ‘The Vegan Zombie,’” Cooney told Syracuse.com. “It’ll tell what the story is for the people who can’t wait for the movie to come out.”

Yes, there's also a movie in the works - but in the meantime, Cooney and Tedd are launching a Kickstarter to help fund the new cookbook. In a recent email exchange, the duo said they expected the fundraising effort to start next week, having put the finishing touches on the video to accompany the effort. 

“It’s not just for vegans, it’s for meat-eaters, for vegetarians, people who want to be healthy, people who love the horror genre,” Cooney told Syracuse.com. “There’s a lot of people who say ‘I’m not vegan, but I love your show.’ We welcome everybody. It means a lot to us when somebody says ‘I eat one of your meals at least once a week’ so we’re doing our part at least one day a week.”

Check out the most recent episode of "The Vegan Zombie" - titled GYRO - below. 

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'The Zombie Vegan' preps cookbook Kickstarter
Planned tome to mix 75-100 vegan recipes with graphical illustrations explaining how the zombie apocalypse came about.