Another holiday season, another manufactured food shortage.

Remember the canned pumpkin shortage in the fall of 2016? The Velveeta shortage of 2014, right before that high holy day of sports, the Super Bowl? Butterball's turkey shortage in 2013, right before Thanksgiving?

No? Of course you don't — because they led to nothing. Pumpkin pies still got made, nachos were still consumed in artery-clogging amounts, and there was more than enough turkey to go 'round.

In recent years, cries of "Shortage!" over some must-have ingredient around the holidays have become common, and a manufactured panic arises. This year's short-in-supply but high-in-demand food is eggnog.

Fortune recommends that if you're craving eggnog this season, you may be out of luck because marketers have been pushing eggnog-flavored everything, and consumers coming off their pumpkin-spice-flavored everything are in need of the next fix. Organic Valley's eggnog sales have risen 60 percent from last year. Ronnybrook Farm Dairy says it underestimated demand by 25 percent and it could face a shortage, too.

But I reject the "being out of luck" part, and you should too. As with many seasonal food shortages of years past (that didn't always end up being real), this is not a problem. We've seen this before, and we know what to do.

First of all, don't "panic buy," loading up your refrigerator with eggnog that you hadn't planned on buying in the first place. (I often wonder if these reported shortages are designed to get people to do just that.)

Secondly, if you do find your store shelves empty of eggnog and you really want some, make it yourself. It's easy and you'll know exactly what's in your own concoction. This video shows you how, and you can make it with or without the booze.

See? Eggnog crisis averted.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

There's an eggnog shortage? No problem
Record eggnog sales are causing some manufacturers to cry "Shortage!" We've seen this before, and we know what to do.