Last week, I wrote about how to use or save leftover egg yolk when you need only the white for a recipe. It seems only fitting that I address the other half of the egg, too. Sometimes, a recipe calls for only egg yolks, and you’re left with unused whites. What are your options besides an egg white omelet? There are several.

Freezing egg whites

According to Incredible, Edible Egg, you can refrigerate raw egg whites for up to four days. If you’re not going to use them by then, you can freeze them for future use. They can be frozen for up to one year. Unlike egg yolks, which need salt or sugar added before freezing to keep them from losing their consistency, egg whites require nothing.

  1. To freeze individual egg whites, put each white into an empty ice cube tray slot and keep in freezer until frozen solid. Then pop the whites out into an airtight freezer container, and you’ll be able to take them out individually as needed.
  2. To freeze several egg whites at once, simply put them in an airtight freezer container and label with how many egg whites are in the container so you don’t forget.

Recipes using egg whites

Lots of recipes, especially those for baked goods, use only egg whites. If you’re not sure what to make from your leftover egg whites, you can do an ingredients search at to find recipes that use them. You can also try one of these recipes.

Non-edible uses for egg whites

Not all ideas for using egg whites call for eating them. Try one of these ideas for beauty or craft products made with egg whites.

Do you have any additional ideas for using leftover egg whites?

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Uses for leftover egg whites
Don’t waste half the egg, use it or save it with these tips and recipes.