Was someone thoughtful enough to take the time to make you a homemade food gift for Christmas? If it was some yummy bread or some candy, chances are you’ve already dug in. Some of the other food gifts, however, might have made their way into your pantry cupboards. Don’t let them languish there. Use them up. If you’ve been given a jar of soup mix or cookie mix, follow the directions attached to the jar.


If you’ve been given some homemade jam, you can certainly spread it on toast with some butter. I’ve tracked down a few recipes for those special jams.

Crescent Jam and Cheese Cookies – Smitten Kitchen shares this recipe which uses any type of jam in a savory cookie that is then stuffed with farmer cheese.

Upside-Down Jam Cake – Food In Jars shows us how to make a simple upside-down cake using whatever jam you have on hand.

Stuffed French Toast – Raspberry jam is mixed with cream cheese to fill French toast. I would think that any type of jam could be substituted for raspberry.

Baked Brie – My husband and I once had Brie with a raspberry sauce at a restaurant in Baltimore that we still talk about to this day. Simply Recipes uses raspberry jam (and says any other sweet jam will work) as a complement to Brie that has been wrapped in puff pastry dough.

Perfect Scrambled Eggs with Chilli Jam – If you were given a sweet and spicy jam like chilli or red pepper jam, try this easy recipe from Donal Skehan.

Whatever you do, don’t let the homemade food gift that you were given go to waste. Find a creative way to use it up. 

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Using those homemade food gifts
Don’t let those jars of jam and soup mixes collect dust. Pop the lid off and start cooking.