Kraft announced yesterday that there is a temporary Velveeta shortage. The company isn't sure why there is a shortage, but some grocery stores are running low. News outlets are reminding us that this shortage (crisis, tragedy, cheesepocalypse, end of the world) comes at the worse possible time, just weeks before the Super Bowl. Anyone hoping to make nachos or a velvety smooth dip had better grab all the Velveeta on their store shelves. Let the hoarding commence.

Seriously, this is not a crisis. It’s not even a problem. There are substitutions that you can make for the processed cheese product with a dark side, substitutions that include ingredients that you’ll want to put in your body and your family member’s bodies.

I found two videos that demonstrate how to make alternatives to Velveeta. Both create blocks of cheese that can be used in any recipe that calls for Velveeta.

The first is from Momables, a website that helps parents make healthy lunches for their kids. Laura, founder of Momables, created what she calls Momveeta after a lot of experimentation. She went through 46 pounds of cheese and 21 different recipes before finding one that she says “tastes, performs and looks like the real thing.” That’s impressive dedication to finding healthier alternatives for your family!

The second video is for those who want a product that works like Velveeta, but want to gourmet it up a bit. Mark McClusky, special projects editor at Wired magazine, used a modernist cuisine method (using a scientific approach to cooking) to create a gourmet Velveeta substitute for Chow. He uses cheddar, Gouda and Comte cheeses in his version. I really want to try this sometime.

Would you be willing to make your own block of Velveeta substitute?

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Velveeta shortage is opportunity to experiment
A temporary shortage on the processed food product gives home cooks an incentive to create their own versions of Velveeta with better ingredients.