I have seen “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2,” and I am satisified. I got to the theater last night at 10 pm to save seats for my family for the 12:01 showing. Sitting among a group of young adults dressed like Hogwarts students and professors, I eavesdropped on their conversations about growing up with Harry Potter. It seems Harry Potter has been a major influence in their lives. They’ve grown up with him.

I imagine that those young adults and my own boys will tell the story of going to see the very last Potter film much like I tell the story to my children of going to see the very first “Star Wars” film - shoved in the hatch back of my teenage brother’s Vega while the speakers of his 8-track stereo blared John Williams’ score in my ears. I remember every detail of going to that movie. But that was the beginning of a saga, and this most recent Harry Potter film is the end of one. I noticed several girls crying as they left the theater, and while I eavesdropped once again, I realized that they were in mourning.
I’ve been reading various things about the movie today, some involving food, some not. It thought I’d share them with you to read this weekend. Warning: Some may include a few spoilers.
  • The Family Kitchen has a Trio of Easy Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Party Foods that young children can make.
  • The girls where I saw the movie weren’t the only ones in mourning. Time has a well-written piece about those standing in line in New York City waiting to see the film. One 19-year-old boys feels as if by seeing the film, he has “signed a waiver on the end of my childhood.”
  • Yahoo’s Shine has 10 Harry Potter Recipes for you to cook up. Cauldron Cakes, anyone?
  • Yesterday, I brought you a recipe for Butterbeer. How about trying butterbeer cupcakes from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen?
Enjoy your weekend and Harry Potter if you’re going!

Image: Matt Callow


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