Have you run across any kohlrabi lately? It’s ousting kale as the “it” vegetable, according to NorthJersey.com. It’s a fist-sized vegetable in the cabbage family, and it’s described as crunchy and sweet with a bit of a bite.

As always, when I learn of a food that’s new to me, I want to know what to do with it. I’ve hunted down some kohlrabi recipes, and next time I come across the vegetable, I’ll have some ideas about how to prepare them.

  1. Kohlrabi Carrot Fritters with Avocado Cream Sauce – Shredded vegetables are mixed with seasoning and an egg to make fried fritters and avocado creates a sauce to top them with.
  2. Kohlrabi Home Fries – Cut into thick strips, dusted with flour, fried in a little oil and topped with spices of choices, Kohlrabi is alternative to French fries made of potato.
  3. Kohlrabi Chickpea Salad – Kohlrabi, broccoli stalks and cabbage create a full-of-fiber salad and chickpeas add some protein to this salad that’s tossed with garlic, dill and olive oil.
  4. Kohlrabi Curry – Kohlrabi is widely used in Indian dishes, and this simple curry uses the “it” vegetable with plenty of traditional Indian spices.
  5. Kohlrabi and Lentil Soup – A healthy, low-fat, easy to put together soup for cold nights.
Are you familiar with kohlrabi? What’s your favorite way to prepare it?

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What is kohlrabi and what do you do with it?
Hailed as the new “it” vegetable, kohlrabi is a member of the cabbage family. We have five recipes that will help you incorporate it into your diet.