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7 ways to celebrate winter citrus season

By: Lindsey Reynolds on Jan. 22, 2020, 1:46 p.m.
Cara Cara navel orange cut in half to reveal pink flesh

Photo: Lovelyday Vandy/Shutterstock

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Cara Cara orange

Arguably one of the newest kids on the block, Cara Caras were first discovered in Venezuela in the 1970s. The cross of two navel oranges created a bright beauty that hides a secret inside — a pinkish-red flesh that looks more like a grapefruit than an orange.

Cara Caras also taste as good as they look; the fruit is sweeter and less acidic than regular old navels. To cap it all off, they're also seedless! This mutant fruit (I say that with love) is largely grown in California, with a growing season that lasts from December to April. Let this citrus shine on its own as an elegant orange curd.