Eat more vegetables. That's what they say, and that's easy to do when the veggie is cauliflower. This versatile veggie is a great replacement for rice, cheese and even meat. Yes, meat.

The best part? It also cuts down on cook time. Using cauliflower in this way means just shredding it in the food processor and it's ready to go! Here are a few dishes to get you started, but really, the sky is the limit!

1. Tabbouleh Salad

Grain-free eating is easy-breezy when you add cauliflower to the mix. What I love about this Tabbouleh Salad is not only do I get more veggies in my diet, it's beautiful to look at.

2. Cauliflower Waffles

Start the day right with these Cauliflower Waffles. You'll never see the veggies coming! Plus you can also hack them and turn them into savory waffles.

3. Fried "Rice" Balls

If you've ever turned risotto into those scrumptious fried balls called arancini, here's a recipe that doesn't require all that pesky work. It simply uses cauliflower instead of rice.

4. Vegan Sloppy Joes

Cauliflower is a great addition to your diet. We could all use to eat more veggies. But you can also use it as a meat replacement, like in this tasty Vegan Sloppy Joes recipe.

5. Cheese Sauce

Cauliflower not only replaces meat, it also replaces dairy. You can make a wonderful Cheese Sauce from it, like with this Cheesy Fettuccine recipe.

6. Pasta-Free Lasagna

Here's a Pasta-Free Lasagna recipe that even Garfield would approve of. It's bursting with veggies and looks a lot lighter than the usual casserole.

7. Shepherd's Pie

With winter around the corner, here is a great Shepherd's Pie recipe that not only sneaks more cauliflower into your diet but is easy to make ahead. I suspect it freezes well, too.

8. Potayto. potahto.

A hearty and lovely mashed taters dish that, well, has no taters. This Whipped Cauliflower recipe is the perfect side for your next dinner.

9. Steak, but not really

Steak ... it's what's for dinner. But not really. These "steaks" are, you guessed it, cauliflower. Easy to make and way healthy alternative to red meat.

10. Eat the rainbow

This colorful salad almost looks like a fruit salad but nope, it is cauliflower. It's easy to eat your colors this way.

10 unexpected recipes using cauliflower
Cauliflower is a great replacement for rice, cheese and even meat.