Not all desserts have to be frosted with guilt. If you have a sweet tooth, there are lots of ways to have delicious, nutrient-rich desserts that ditch the refined sugar and processed ingredients that have such a dramatic impact on our waistlines and arteries. The key to getting away from refined sugar is to make your own treats — and that's where these recipes come in.

Why does it matter what kind of sugar you use? It's all about bang for the buck. With honey, for example, you get the sweetness boost plus antibacterial action and nutrients.

Here are recipes for desserts that use fruits, honey and other natural ingredients to get the right level of sweetness to create a beautiful, decadent dessert the whole family with love:

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5 surprisingly decadent no-refined-sugar dessert recipes
You don't have to give up dessert when you ditch refined sugar. Here are 5 no-sugar dessert recipes.