Breakfast can be a toughie. We know it’s important to ‘start the day right,’ that breakfast is the key to weight loss (it prevents overeating later in the day), and that long-term, it ensures healthy blood sugar levels and prevents diabetes. But mornings can be rushed enough as it is, and sometimes we just don’t feel like eating, especially if we’re still groggy from lack of sleep.


 On those mornings that I know I’m not going to be having an easy time (and usually, we know when those are!) I do about a minute of prep work the night before to create a fresh smoothie.

1. Plug in and put together the blender if it's stored in a cupboard

2. Put non-refrigerated items out next to the blender (banana, nut butters, protein powder)

3. Be sure you have the other ingredients you need in the fridge placed towards the front. 

4. Get out your reusable container if you aren't going to drink your smoothie at home. 


Of course, almost any combo of soymilk, yogurt, fruit, nut butter, and juice or water can make a great smoothie, and is always better than eating nothing in the AM. But even more ideal is using a smoothie fortified in addition to your other ingredients. 



After testing and trying a number of different brands (including those that are whey-based and soy-based), I’ve found that I get the best energy and keep full the longest with Vega. That’s probably because it’s made with whole foods, not isolates, which means your body is both working harder to digest them (which make you feel full) and breaking down foods it's familiar with. If you want the full breakdown, check out the Vega site (which has some discounts and coupons as well). 


Why am I such a fan of Vega? The deal is that Brendan Brazier, who is a vegan ironman triathalete (and a very nice guy, I met him years ago, well before he was famous), was looking for a truly healthful, vegan supplement powder that wasn't full of chemicals or made from ingredients that were artificially pulled apart from their original constituent foods (aka, isolates). So he developed Vega, which gets it's pretty amazing nutritional profile from plants. Protein - 26 grams worth (40% of the calories in the mix come from it) and carbs are from hemp, brown rice, flax and others. Maca ( South American root), imparts natural energy, balances hormones and boosts libido, antioxidants from berries, and greens balance out this complete meal (or snack, if you use a smaller serving), which is sweetened with Stevia, not sugar. And it tastes really great. I still like to combine the Vega with fruits for flavor, though a full serving of the stuff has 100% of one's daily requirement of vitamins and minerals. 


Berry Good Morning Smoothie

This smoothie is just over 400 calories of healthful, tasty breakfast. It's not vegan, but I think the addition of the goat's milk, which is naturally low in fat and high in protein, is worth it. 


1 Scoop natural flavor Vega

1 banana

1/2 cup berries (strawberries, blueberries, black or raspberries)

1 cup filtered water or coconut water

1/2 cup goat's milk yogurt

1 tablespoon raw macadamia nut, almond or walnut butter


Blend well on high setting - at least two minutes - to make sure that the fruit is blended and the ingredients are really smoothified. 


Chocoholics Morning Wake Up Smoothie

You won't need coffee when you wake up to one of these smoothies; the raw cacao is super-energizing and stimulates similar to espresso. But raw or not, it still tastes like chocolate, and this one comes in at around 300 calories. It really is like drinking a chocolate shake for breakfast (but way healthier!). 


1 Scoop chocolate flavored Vega

1 banana

3/4 cup filtered water or coconut water

1 cup organic almond milk

1 heaping tablespoon raw cacao (I use Navitas)

honey or agave to taste


Blend well on high setting - at least two minutes - to make sure that the fruit is blended and the ingredients are really smoothified. 


With a little smart shopping and a minute of prep work the night before, you can get out of the house without waking up especially early to make breakfast and with something healthy to go. 

Starre Vartan ( @ecochickie ) covers conscious consumption, health and science as she travels the world exploring new cultures and ideas.

Breakfast solution: Whole food, high protein smoothie recipes
Delicious ingredients and a power-packed Vega supplement will get you going with a tasty treat.