Almost every nation on Earth has soup recipes as part of its culinary identity.

The basis of most soups is a stock of broth (vegetable or chicken) cooked with different veggies or meat and a generous measure of herbs and seasonings that get the taste buds going. You can easily replace delicious meals with a scrumptious bowl of soup — depending on ingredients and the process — or enjoy it for breakfast and kick off your day on a healthy note.

Here’s a collection of easy soup recipes from our archives:

Garden vegetable soup:

If you want to watch the calories without having to sacrifice on taste and nutrition, this is the soup for you. It contains nothing but vegetables — use almost any veggies available in your local farmers market or grocery store. The soup even looks delicious, minus any kind of meat or barley. It’s a great way to get more greens in your diet. Read more: Garden vegetable soup recipe

Baby Acapulco's Soup, in Paris:

This savory Mexican-style soup, combined with rice, cheese and warm corn tortillas is a meal by itself. Try it without chicken and it’ll be just as good using any veggies you like. Contrary to Baby A’s signature soup, this one is devoid of MSG or any added flavors. Read more: Baby Acapulco’s soup recipe

Potage (winter vegetable soup):

Ever longed for an appetizing and hearty bowl of soup? You’ll fall head over heals for this rich and velvety vegetable soup. It’s difficult to pin down any one flavor. Instead, all the flavors work together and create a unique, bold taste. Relish it with crusty bread and a side of cheese (fat-free, perhaps?). Read more: Potage soup recipe

Leek and potato soup:

Serve it cold on a summer day or heat it up on a winter evening — this is the most popular, effortless and value-for-money soup there is. It’s nothing fancy or complicated, just a basic, soulful creation that will satisfy your hunger and your heart. It’s also healthy and takes very little time to prepare. Read more: Leek and potato soup recipe

Curried winter squash soup:

Squash is known for its fiber content and abundance of vitamins and nutrients. What better excuse to load yourself up with a portion of this mouthwatering, orangey soup — a delight for the eyes and palate alike. The curry powder adds a pungent and aromatic quality that will keep you warm on cold winter nights. Read more: Curried winter squash soup recipe

Minestrone soup:

This famed Italian delicacy is power-packed with seasonal veggies, assorted beans and a variety of pastas cut into small pieces. This versatile and nourishing soup can be used on any occasion. Read more: Minestrone soup recipe

Roasted eggplant soup:

You’ve eaten it fried, boiled and grilled — now throw some roasted eggplant into a stock of vegetable or chicken broth with dollops of thick cream to simmer up a shiny, purple soup. The exquisite medley of white wine, garlic and chunks of goat cheese add a robust flavor to the recipe. Read more: Roasted eggplant soup recipe

Green garlic soup with fried garlic scapes:

The medicinal benefits of garlic go back ages. It’s considered one of the most effective herbs with a reputation for helping people avert everything from the common cold to many other harmful afflictions. The soup, however, doesn’t taste anything like medicine — it’s creamy and luscious. Compliment the serving with a glass of white or red wine. Read more: Green garlic soup recipe

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Easy soup recipes
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