With the official start of summer bearing down on us, and temperatures making some of us feel like it’s already here, we’ve gone through our archive and selected eight delicious and easy-to-prepare summer dinner recipes that are ideal for sitting by the pool, grilling on the porch or relaxing with the air conditioner.

Spicy chicken wings

Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean you need to mute the flavors of your food. These robust chicken wings are covered in paprika, cayenne and white pepper for a kick that’ll make you feel like you’re biting into summer! Read more: Spicy chicken wings recipe

Sourdough panzanella with summer vegetables

If the wings aren’t your speed for an appetizer, we recommend this delicious and seasonal bread salad. Loaded with squash, red peppers and cherry tomatoes, this room-temperature salad is just the way to bring a little freshness to the stale heat of summer. Read more: Sourdough panzanella with summer vegetable recipe

Fish baked in beer batter

This recipe takes advantage of the beer you’re already enjoying to escape the heat and turns it into a delicious fried fish dish. The recipe includes some steamed spinach so you still get a vegetable, and it recommends an appropriate beer for the dish. Read more: Fish baked in beer batter recipe

Pepper slaw

Slaws are popular side dishes for picnics and grill outs. Instead of the typical cole slaw, why not bring some pepper slaw to the event? Mixed with cabbage and red peppers, this sweet and cool dish is sure to be a hit. Read more: Pepper slaw recipe

Tangy shrimp and scallops

A grilling recipe, this Worcestershire sauce-based marinade will give a nice kick to your shrimp and scallops the next you time you have guests over for a good time in the backyard. If the scallops prove too expensive, just cut the recipe in half, and it’ll still taste great. Read more: Tangy shrimp and scallops recipe

Summer vegetable ‘napoleon’

This colorful and tasty dish makes an ideal addition to any summer time event, and is especially great as a vegetarian-friendly option. It can be a side or the main dish. Read more: Summer vegetable ‘napoleon’ recipe

Unusual, healthy homemade popsicles

But what about dessert? For the kids, we have these yummy and fruity popsicle options, including avocado-mango and watermelon-lime-cilantro. Just keep an eye on the adults so that don’t steal a lick while the kids are playing! Read more: Healthy homemade popsicle recipe

Cherry upside-down cake

Sure, you could do a pineapple upside-down cake, but like with the pepper slaw, why not try something a little different? It may not look perfect, but your taste buds will thank you for ignoring its looks. Read more: Cherry upside-down cake recipe

If you’re looking for some seasonal recipes based on your state, we have just the tool for that from our friends at Kitchen Garden International. Simply select your state to get a sense of the foods that are in season, and a quick recipe or two to go with them!

Do you have a summer dinner recipes that has been a big hit at the pool party you threw last year? Let us know in the comments.

Summer dinner recipes
We've gone through our archive and selected eight delicious and easy-to-prepare summer dinner recipes that are ideal for sitting by the pool, grilling on the po