Inviting friends and family over to watch the Super Bowl implies that you’re going to have food and drinks to serve along with the big game. Super Bowl appetizers are always a great choice. You can’t go wrong with finger foods for easy snacking.

But, if you want to serve something heartier than just appetizers, we’ve found some great sandwiches, hot and satisfying chili and gumbo, and some sides to go with them for your Super Bowl guests to enjoy.


Buffalo chicken sliders – Sliders are a great way to serve sandwiches for a Super Bowl party because guests won’t fill up on a huge sandwich. They’ll still have room to enjoy some of the other snacks during the game. These sliders are made with boneless, skinless chicken breast that gets shredded and doused in buffalo sauce and then topped with healthy veggies prepared coleslaw style with some blue cheese dressing. If you’re leery about using bottled blue cheese dressing, try adding blue cheese crumbles to this Ranch dip recipe for a healthier, DIY version.

BLT wraps – It’s hard to find a good tomato for BLT’s this time of year, but these wraps fix that problem by using sun dried tomatoes added to light mayonnaise as the spread for the sandwiches. Add some lettuce (we suggest Romaine instead of Iceberg for a little extra nutrition) and some natural bacon from a local source, and you’ve got a winter BLT that won’t make you say, “BLT’s are only a summer food.”

Chili and Gumbo

Black bean, sausage and butternut squash chili – Sneak some nutrition into your Super Bowl chili by using this recipe that has black beans and butternut squash. Make it the day before the game so that the flavors all have time to meld together. Reheat on game day and serve with scallions, fresh avocado, and fresh cilantro as toppers.

Multi bean chili – If you’d rather go completely meatless with your chili and offer something even healthier and appropriate for vegans and vegetarians, this is it. It’s made with kidney, white, and black beans for all the flavor and protein of traditional chili, but none of the meat. Like all chili, make it a day ahead of time for an even better flavor.

Seafood and turkey sausage gumbo – A low-fat version of gumbo that uses turkey sausage instead of pork along with shrimp and catfish for this New Orleans classic.

Side Dishes

Excellent and healthy cornbread – Cornbread goes great with chili and with gumbo. This version uses nonfat yogurt instead of oil or butter to make them moist but still flavorful.

Macaroni and cheese – Whole-wheat elbow macaroni ups the nutrition factor of this comfort food, and low-fat cottage cheese and non-fat milk lowers the fat content. If you’re serving a lot of food at your Super Bowl party, you’re bound to have some leftovers, so make sure you put your extras to good use the next day with these ideas for leftover macaroni and cheese.

What food will you be serving at (or taking to) the Super Bowl party this year? Let us know in the comments below.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Super Bowl sandwiches, soups and sides
Inviting friends and family over to watch the Super Bowl implies that you’re going to have food and drinks to serve along with the big game. Super Bowl appeti