Michael Pollan was the keynote speaker at the Georgia Organics Conference March 21, 2009. The event was held at Agnes Scott College. He addressed the audience after they enjoyed a farmers feast (made from local food) about his thoughts on the "state of the movement." The address is available for viewing in its entirety or in separate parts.

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Michael:  Thank you so much. Thank you so much. You know, it’s kind of cliché to say you're honored to be here, but I really do feel honored. I mean, this is a very special community. And I feel just even being a temporary member of it, very meaningful to me. I feel a lot of wonderful energy in this room. And what an impressive organization. And what a delicious meal!

Woman off camera:  You need an application, Michael. [inaudible]

Michael:  Okay, all right. I wanna be a member. Will, I want to thank you for your kind words. I only met you the other night and it’s been a great honor. I wanna also thank you for the sirloin tartare, the beef cheeks, and the delicious brisket tonight. Or, thank your cattle. But, anyway, thank you. And thank you to Georgia Organics, especially to Barbara, Alice, and Michael for their hospitality in putting this whole thing together. It’s an incredible undertaking. You know, they’ve been inviting me every year for over and over and over again. And I finally had to say yes just so they would stop calling.


Anyway, it’s been a great pleasure to get acquainted. And I also want to congratulate Georgia Organics on gathering together this community - 1,100 people under this big top. It’s an incredible accomplishment.

I want to also thank Slow Food AtlantaSlow Food USA, because they’re part of the reason I’m here. For their encouragement and hospitality. And this may seem odd to some of you, but the CDC, who is also one of the reasons I am here. You know, I spent the day with them yesterday and was very surprised and delighted to learn that, you may not all know this, but some of you do, that we have a very, powerful, eloquent ally in the CDC as we go forward --  [applause]  -- so I applaud their involvement with this work.


Michael Pollan: Introduction
Michael Pollan thanks and congratulates several organizations.