Since launching in 2007, the blogging platform Tumblr has attracted more than 3 million bloggers who publish more than 2 million posts to hundreds of millions of readers every day. Just like the Internet at large, the range of topics found on Tumblr runs the gamet of human interests. It's like the infamous Rule 34 — if it exists, there is porn of it.

There are sites on Tumblr for people who like 18th century history, vintage comics, German shepherds and, of course, the coming zombie apocalypse. There are a lot of great Tumblr sites that focus on environmental themes, but because Tumblr's directory doesn't specifically highlight green sites, it can be hard to find them. To help spread the good green word, I've taken the time to surf the Tumblr waters in search of the best green sites. Enjoy! 

If you think I've left out any great green Tumblr sites, please let me know in the comments.


Adams Apple

One of the reasons I like Adams Apple, the Tumblr site of my friend and green media maven Adam Shake, is that his focus isn't explicitly green. While his Tumblr feed has plenty of cool environmentally themed posts like this, this and this, he also mixes in plenty of the interesting, bizarre, funny and the downright absurd.


Climate Adaptation

Climate Adaption is written by Michael Cote, an environmental planning consultant, writer, and climate change lecturer who lives Massachusetts and covers the world of adapting to climate changes wrought by global warming. Michael's Tumblr feed is smart, rich in detail and content, and sure to grab your attention. He mixes up posts about New Zealand glacier runoff with commentary on Facebook postings and African mega-cities. The video of the beer cups that fill from the bottom that he shared is still blowing my mind.


Planted City 

Planted City bills itself as "a blog compiling the case for adapting to and embracing change" and writes mostly about the environment. The site highlights a lot of great videos like "The Ultimate Roller Coaster Ride: A Brief History of Fossil Fuels," Bill Maher on Why Global Warming is Not A Debate, and Emerging Science: 'Ecological Economics' and shares good links like this Rolling Stone story on Bill Gates' quest for an energy miracle.


Plants are taking over 

Plants are taking over does one thing and it does it well — the Tumblr site is the clearinghouse for beautiful photography of plants growing in the spaces between (and sometimes fighting) human development. Visit this site and you'll see trees growing up between deck boards, ivy dominating walls and walkways, and gorgeous, other-worldly nature-inspired bathrooms.


Tree Porn 

Thankfully this isn't a subject of the aforementioned Rule 34. Tree Porn is a Tumblr site that's obsessed with finding and sharing the best tree photography on the Web. The site's author has a good eye for photos and has amassed a large collection of top-notch trees like this one of two Baobab trees in Tanzania, this one of a wild wooden stick hoop portal, and this ghostly island photograph.


In love with Geosciences! 

If you're a fan of earth sciences, you'll be a fan of In love with Geosciences! which exhaustively covers the full range of mineralogy, petrology, paleontology, volcanology, glaciology, sedimentology, speleology, stratigraphy, astrogeology, and evolution and regularly posts well-chosen photos on those subjects. You'll marvel at the delicate rheniite crystal and fluorite cube and want to share the photos of the Elephant Foot Glacier and the caver descending down from the surface into the deepest single cave drop in the continental U.S.


Weather Boner of the Day 

Despite sounding like it was named by a fifth-grader, Weather Boner of the Day is a great site that finds ands shares photographs of awesome weather events. Jamie, the author of Weather Boner of the Day, digs up great stuff like this photo of lightning striking The Center building in Hong Kong, this one of a little cabin sitting under a streak of green aurora borealis, and this storm off the coast of California.


Landscape, Lifescape 

Landscape, Lifescape looks at the intersection between people and the environment and is another site that heavily features beautiful photographs of the world. It tends to favor large landscapes and epic views like this underwater shot of a wave and this gorgeous view of mist-covered mountains in Meteora, Greece. It'd be easy to lose an entire day to this site with 377 pages of content as of the time this article was written.


Shea Gunther 

Excuse the shameless self promotion, but my Tumblr page isn't a bad place for your browser to land if you're looking for good links. I'm relatively new to the platform having only joined up within the last couple of months, but I'm an old hand in the game of link sharing, having built up a reputation for finding good content on StumbleUpon and sharing it on Twitter. I cover plenty of green topics but I'm not afraid to tack towards anything that strikes my fancy.


There's a good chance that you're already a fan of MNN, seeing as how you're reading this, so you should really dig the Mother Nature Network Tumblr page which mostly posts content found on but isn't afraid to share a good find from other Tumblr users. If you were following the MNN Tumblr page, you'd know where the 10 coldest places on Earth are, the top five reasons not to drink bottled water, and the seven green things our grandparents did.

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Shea Gunther is a podcaster, writer, and entrepreneur living in Portland, Maine. He hosts the popular podcast "Marijuana Today Daily" and was a founder of Renewable Choice Energy, the country's leading provider of wind credits and Green Options. He plays a lot of ultimate frisbee and loves bad jokes.

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