Humans are the most dominant species on Earth. Having claimed more than 50 percent of the Earth's landmass and 50 percent of its freshwater supply, our procreative success has threatened the existence of thousands of species, causing scientists to name this period of history the sixth mass extinction.

2010 has been officially declared the Year of Biodiversity with the goal of increasing awareness and protection of the most endangered species on Earth. Check out the website Countdown 2010 for more info on the U.N.'s target for biodiversity.

It's clear that the human population explosion is the greatest environmental problem our planet faces at the current moment, so the Center for Biological Diversity has created a great campaign that serves to drive the point home (so to speak) by handing out 100,000 condoms. An artist was commissioned to create colorful artwork for each condom pack. Check it out.

Visit to get your freebie or volunteer to hand them out!

2nd step to save the world: Wear condoms is hoping to encourage birth control as a means to slowing extinction rates of thousands of animal species. Get your free condoms!