Mark Zuckerberg has been inundated with press this week -- both good and bad. With the debut of the feature film about the uber-nerd, we see the ugly side of the Facebook mogul. And a well-timed $100 million gift to an ailing school system in New Jersey has people wondering if he is the next of the Bill Gates-style philanthropists.

But it is doubtful that Zuckerberg could have foreseen Greenpeace's new "Unfriend Mark" campaign:

The Facebook CEO has spurned environmentalists who want the world's largest social network to go green. Instead of opting to build solar-powered server farms or buy wind energy as Google has, Facebook has opted for cheap coal to supply the majority of its whopping 650 billion kilowatt hours of annual electricity consumption. (That's 650 million tons of CO2 per year.)

The video produced by Greenpeace International is the latest in a series of artful and informative PSAs that are upping the ante for nonprofits struggling to find a place in the social media universe. This well-timed and completely adorable video is a bullseye.

5-year-old challenges Mark Zuckerberg
Hilarious Greenpeace video encourages people to unfriend the Facebook mogul because of his company's reliance on dirty coal power.