Growing up, we all played games that involved imaginary floors filled with lava, imaginary sharks in the pool, or imaginary laser blasts from an alien invasion. But what if those scenes actually came to life in front of our eyes?

That's the idea behind "Action Movie Kid," a nostalgia-filled, special-effects tour de force created by digital artist Daniel Hashimoto. "Each project is inspired by playtime with my son James," Hashimoto said in an interview with Babycenter. "He’ll make believe something and I think to myself, I’d love to show him really doing those things."

Examples of James' dramatic playtime adventures include damaging lightsaber play in the toy store, running across a collapsing bridge, steering a boat straight out of "The Perfect Storm," and ordering a rocket ship from Amazon.

"It typically takes me about a day to conceive, shoot, and finalize a video," added Hashimoto, who uses Adobe After Effects software to create the clips. "Some of the ideas are easy and I can get through them in just a few hours. Some of them are more complicated and take up to a day."

While the "Action Movie Kid" brand has taken off on YouTube, with nearly 800,000 channel subscribers, Hashimoto doesn't plan on leaving his full time job at Dreamworks Animation anytime soon.

"I think that a whole lot of the strength of these videos come from my child having a genuine imagination, and really enjoying what he’s doing," he shared. "Whether or not you have access to 'fancy' editing or graphics, I think what people really enjoy is a real kid having real fun."

For those parents interested in adding some visual effects to their own family videos, Hashimoto has also setup an "Action Movie Dad" account with step-by-step instructions.

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'Action Movie Kid' brings imagination to life
Inspired by his son's creative playtime, digital effects artist Daniel Hashimoto brings the youngster's imaginary world to life.