NOTE: This is a guest post from Trevor Reichman, a musician, writer, and contributor to, and MNN. He lives off-grid in the middle of the desert giving him a unique perspective on how to mix old-school sustainability with modern day technology.

The 'Go Beyond Oil' Campaign has put together a beautifully animated video that pinpoints the beginning of our oil addiction, summarizes its dominance and its devastating effect on our lives and planet, and suggests an alternate route, all in just 2 minutes.

While the phrase 'Beyond Petroleum' is now just a tarnished tagline, the idea of looking beyond oil is not an idea to remain jaded about. The Go Beyond Oil Campaign, headed by Greenpeace UK, is working to salvage that idea by re-energizing the public and suggesting simple and specific action oriented ideas for their readers to follow.

This campaign understands that since our collective attention spans are receiving much competition and distraction, that a simple yet compelling presentation is important. Their videos and articles can be viewed and understood by children of all ages, while also serving as a reminder to the hopeful child in all of us who may have once viewed the world without the filter of perceived convenience and practicality. 

Artful video challenges us to 'Go Beyond Oil'
This 2 minute video from Greenpeace UK sums up our fossil fuel predicament.