In just a few days I'll be heading back to Copenhagen (via Finland) to cover the historic UN Climate Conference. Despite the fact that Obama said uncle on actually signing a binding deal, he stressed the importance of the talks in setting up a framework for a legally binding treaty to be signed sometime in 2010.

Major blogs like Mother Nature Network, TreeHugger, Grist, Huffington Post, Climate Progress, ENN, GreenWire,, Mother Jones and many more will be represented in the COP15 press tent alongside their hard news counterparts from CNN, ABC, MSNBC, New York Times, Reuters.. In other words it will be a press frenzy, and I'll be there to catch the action for the first week.

With so many reporters one of the biggest challenges a Copenhagen journalist will find is coming up with unique story angles. Huffington Post hopes to ensure a fresh voice by sending one "citizen journalist" to Copenhagen.

Huffington announced a partnership with Hopenhagen last weekend to locate and send one talented novice reporter to the climate talks. You have to submit a video via Youtube explaining why you are perfect for the job and you just may be awarded an airline ticket accommodations, press pass and a Flip camera for the entire second week of the talks. You will also receive special training from Matt Palavesky who heads up Huffington's Citizen Journalism department.

Get the details on Huffington Post.

Become a Copenhagen ambassador
Huffington Post partners with Hopenhagen to send one worthy citizen journalist to Copenhagen for the December climate talks.