On prominent display at the Global Green Oscar party last week was a sign-up station for Global Green's new e-activism campaign. Their goal is to get people to spread the word about the earth's three greatest challenges:

  • stemming CO2 emissions and global warming
  • destroying weapons of mass-destruction
  • providing safe drinking water to 1.5 billion people
You can sign up here, and while you are likely to get updates about Global Green's great PR work with top green celebs like Jake Gylenhaal (who recently showed up at an L.A. school to talk about composting), I'm not at all clear what the "activism" actually is that you will be invited to do. 

I asked the guy at Global Green booth, and he didn't seem to have the slightest idea, so I wonder if Global Green needs some help defining "activism." They encourage everyone to take 10 steps to reduce their carbon footprint (pretty much the same 10 you have heard everywhere). That's not activism. 

You can get emails about the amazing aerial artwork of John Quigley (one example pictured above shot by Orlando Bloom's cousin, Sebastian Copeland) who draws environmental slogans using human bodies in symbolically charged places (like the Amazon, the Arctic and rumor has it in a major event in D.C. soon). I believe Quigley and his gang are most certainly activists, risking arrest and frostbite. But watching them on video? Not activism.

If you look at the three points above, it strikes me that maybe we need more focus here. WMD's — are you kidding? Like we as individuals will ever have a face-off with the industrial-military complex and hope to make event the slightest dent in that steel clad time bomb. Even Gorbochav, one of the founders of Global Green, didn't make great headway. Not activism. 

Safe drinking water ... well Charity:water is totally killing that one. They have succeeded in bringing clean drinking water to almost a million people in just a couple of years through innovative viral campaigns. Read my post here. So just talking about the plight of people without water seems mute when a hardcore team of activists is already out there doing something about it. 

Global Warming. Do we really need to raise MORE awareness about global warming? I think we've all pretty much bought in. So I don't really think telling my friends (again) about the latest doom and gloom prediction is really go to help anything. Not activism.

So Global Green, what do you want me to do as an e-activist? How can I help? Other than joining your email list.

Become and e-activist with Global Green
Global Green, host of last week's Oscar party, is recruiting online activists. What does that mean?