50,000 people driving hundreds of miles to camp in remote desert and burn TONS of lumber shaped into giant effigies doesn't exactly sound like the greenest of labor day weekends, but the irony of Burning Man is that it attracts some of the brightest and most environmentally conscious "global citizens" on the planet.

Fortunately one very influential burner chick by the name of Jenn Breckenridge along with a posse of green Burning Man vets took on the daunting task of reconciling this curious cultural disconnect by helping to organize a "greening the man" committee which has since made great strides towards a more eco-friendly Burning Man.

From solar powering art installations to implementing a zero waste policy to transporting burners via BIOBUS, a fleet of biodiesel-powered shuttles, Burning Man is going green. Jenn's own blog Burn Clean Project offers "sustainable energy solutions for Black Rock and beyond" including guidelines and tips on camping, transportation and volunteering.

As of today, the site has also added a first -- an online shop called Modern Local for burners to find and purchase green equipment for the upcoming Burning Man. Right now the shop offers only a few carefully selected green products but Jenn has a big vision for its future:

...to source and sell only products designed or made within 150 miles of her home in Venice, CA. By showcasing only the goods masterminded or manufactured within the region, Modern Local will help Los Angeles residents to witness and participate in the enrichment of their hometown, creating a deeper sense of pride and identity for the diverse metropolis in which they live.
I invited Jenn to do a guest post on green gadget gifts for a burner dad. Check it out here.

Image: "Lamplighters" by Zach Wass

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Burning Man strives to 'burn clean'
The 'Burn Clean' blog and a new e-commerce site will help Burners to go green.