Any PSA that uses one of the most beautiful songs ever written -- Fake Plastic Trees by Thom Yorke -- will instantly have me as a fan. But I really do love the beautiful simplicity of this video call-to-action by SHFT, one of the hottest "future green" websites around (which also happens to employ yours truly as a contributor on art and the environment).

It's only 30 seconds long and provides a direct hyperlink to an online petition that enourages the California Senate to pass a history-making bill next month -- AB 1998 -- which would be the first state-wide ban of single-use plastics in the U.S.

The bill cleared the California Assembly and could be a game-changer. California is the biggest consumer of single-use plastic bags (19 billion a year!). And despite all of its attempts to be the greenest state in the Union, until California passes a bill that finally regulates one of the State's (and our civilzation's) most conspicuous examples of needless waste, it won't have fully earned that title.

So Californians, let's make it happen!