One of my favorite nonprofits — Charity:Water — just launched a new campaign in honor of World Water Day called UNSHAKEN, benefitting the victims of the Haiti earthquakes. 

I love Charity:Water not only for their great work getting on-the-ground aid in the form of life's most basic element — water — in areas that other nonprofit aid groups say is impossible. But also for the elegant social media campaigns that provide just the right mix of information, inspiring video, great music and a way to connect personally to the cause by making a difference for a specific project. 

For the UNSHAKEN campaign, the goal is to raise a $1 million to give permanent access to clean drinking water for more than 40,000 people in Haiti. Charity:Water experts have scouted 11 locations in Haiti where wells can be drilled, each supporting villages of 2,000-7,000 people.

You can chose a well project, see photos and stories about that village, and donate directly to that project. The best news: 100 percent of your donation goes to the well. The staff, photogrpahers, website and marketing are all paid for by separate grants.

You can learn more about how Charity:Water works by watching my interview with founder Scott Harrison who explains the philosophy behind this innovative organization.

Charity:Water UNSHAKEN in Haiti
Charity:Water launches UNSHAKEN, a water campaign benefitting 11 well projects in Haiti. Celebrate World Water Day by giving the gift of water.