It's safe to say that the progressive media has been a little late to the game — like 10 years late — in terms of responding to the nearly incessant barrage of lies presented by the climate denial industry on faux news outlets like FOX. The blogosphere has done its best to keep up, but it's tough when your opponent is funded by the richest corporations in the world which heavily advertise on nearly all the major media outlets.

Take today's breaking report by investigative reporter Brendan Demelle who was able to get on record that the Exxon-funded Institute for Energy Research commissioned and funded the report that grossly misrepresented data on the viability of wind energy versus fossil fuels. Imagine if a reporter had discovered that a major U.N. climate science report was paid for by a communist think tank that falsified evidence to make it look like climate change was real. It would be in every major newspaper, online publication, FOX, CNN, NBC, pretty much everywhere within 24 hours.

Brendan has uncovered the REAL Climategate, but will it get any air time? Highly unlikely. 

Thankfully, the guys at DeSmogBlog (which MNN names one of the most influential blogs of the year) got really fed up and decided they needed to launch their own TV channel. ClimateTV promises to bring to light the latest research in climate science and some of the greatest minds working in the field.

I spoke with creator Kevin Grandia about the channel, and it is quite innovative both in content and technology. The whole thing is run on a new web streaming video platform called Xool, which streams and then archives live video footage, along with the conversations that occur around the video. Think of it as interactive TV. 

The first program to air will be a conversation with ClimateRocks blogger Peter Sinclair whose "Crock of the Week" column has been doing an enormous job unraveling the web of anti-climate lies. He even produces great video:

You'll note that though the content in this video essay is highly explosive, the manner of delivery is, well, less than explosive. The gentle, lilting voice of Sinclair is probably more suited to reading bedtime stories than debunking corporate-funding misinformation campaigns. So part of the goal of ClimateTV is to encourage a more heated conversation, one with an energy level that matches the severity of the crisis we now face.
Climate Counterspin TV
After more than a decade of anti-climate spin, the folks at DeSmogBlog say enough is enough. ClimateTV will respond to the daily lies of the climate denial mach