The wonders of CGI! In this Odd Couple send-off, Coolio plays a break-dancing, water-wasting polar bear and BBC star Terry Christian plays his crusty, bi-polar (get it?) penguin roommate.

My friend and fellow environmental writer Lina Aguirre pointed me to this great student film competition called "Tomorrow's World" run by The Environment Agency, a UK nonprofit. The goal of this year's competition is to raise awareness about water conservation.

The top prize went to five students from Liverpool John Moores University for their film "Human after all." It's a great example of getting across an otherwise finger-pointing environmental message in a way that makes you think, without making you think you're "bad." 

I believe we oh-so-serious Americans could benefit from a good dose of snarky British humor in messaging about environmental awareness. If you want to see a real (non CGI) polar bear dancing check out my Dancing Polar Bear post.


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Coolio transformed into breakdancing polar bear
Student filmmakers win Environment Agency film competition by casting Coolio as a water-wasting polar bear.