A few weeks ago I attended a great eco-event in Santa Monica celebrating the launch of a slick new website for Creative Citizen along with a new killer green iPhone app.

The event, which was put on by Pollinator Media, was entitled 'Moving from Hype to Habit,' and Creative Citizen CEO Scott Badenoch put his money where his mouth is by delivering one of the best green pep talks I have heard (above) designed by Erika Rand.

In the talk he said it was time to ditch the idea of slow, gradual improvements over time and shift into a mode of "radical collaboration" -- a synergistic business approach that brings siloed businesses and communities together to make rapid change happen now.

To that end, he created a collaborative new website called EcoMatters, which combines daily news, 77 of the top green twitterers, green tips and green shopping all under one roof! 

I encourage you to check it out. One of the neatest features (which I've never seen before) at the bottom of each article is a series of tips and actions, called "creative solutions" that you as the reader can take to make a difference. The solutions are powered by the Creative Citizen wiki for green living, and each action adds up the total positive impact -- in terms of water, energy, CO2, waste and money -- that your action will produce.

For the shopping section, EcoMatters partnered with GreenHome, one of the largest and best sources for green home products on the web, where you can find everything from organic apparel to green appliances and furniture.

With its combination of features, EcoMatters makes the green web practical and accessible, moving us all one step closer to the "green habit."

Creative Citizen proves that EcoMatters
Creative launches slick new website that makes green personal by linking eco-news to eco-impact.