In 2007 the brilliant edutainment producers responsible for award-winning PBS shows like ZOOM, came up with a show idea called Design Squad, to encourage design and engineering learning. Last year, they ran an online competition called 'Trash to Treasure' in which kids submitted their design ideas for giving waste materials a new life.

The 2009 winner was 13-year-old Max Wolsky who came up with a homeless shelter made from old steel rods, plastic bags and packaging peanuts. Max was flown to a Boston studio where a full-sized version of his model was fabricated on TV. 

This year's contest promises to be even better with three contest categories — Mobility, Environment and Play —with a winner to be named in each. All three kids will have their designs built and appear on the Design Squad show. The 25 finalists will have their ideas showcased on the Design Squad website. The rules are simple. You have to use at least two repurposed materials.

This content is not for kids of all ages. You have to be 5-19 years of age to enter. May the best kid win!

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