You know, I really don't like politics. I would be happy to ignore the whole political scene forever. However, it has a way of intruding itself on my life. For example, I want to eat a nourishing healthy diet. This simple desire seems to often be at odds with government subsidies and government laws and regulations. One example: Small farms seem to be threatened over and over again by the laws our country attempts to put into place.


But the SOPA and PIPA bills could be a new type of threat. They are a threat to both freedom of speech and the freedom to hold a difference of opinion with the government on what is healthy. reports, "The proposed law contains a specific provision — section 105 — which allows the U.S. government to shut down websites it claims 'endanger public health.' Given that NaturalNews openly and repeatedly advocates things like natural sunlight and vitamin C — both of which the government has said are dangerous — our website could be seized by the government under SOPA."


Many websites, from huge sites like Wikipedia to a great number of natural, healthy-living websites, went "dark" yesterday to protest these dangerous bills. I am so glad that people are taking a stand against these bills, and I would encourage everyone to make it known to your representatives if you also disagree with the nature of the bills. If you want a great, fast way to understand what the bills are about and what problems they create, watch the above video. It's an excellent overview.