l just had the opportunity to sit down with Scott Badenoch, CEO of Creative Citizen, to talk about the launch of a new website (today) and a new set of technology offerings that will help business go green and (equally important) prove that they are going green.

Here is a quick intro to Creative Citizen and how the solutions work for individuals:

Now, the same technology -- which tracks water, energy, waste, CO2, and money impacts -- is available to businesses. Creative Citizen's Business tool lets employees monitor and track their environmentally friendly activities. These actions are tallied up, allowing a business to track its total environmental impact and the reduction of that impact over time.

Employees can also make suggestions and top performing employees are awarded with special incentives selected by the business owner. Badenoch is clear to point out that this tool is not meant to replace traditional life cycle analysis, energy performance analysis and other forms of green consulting that work form the top down.

In fact, Creative Citizen recommends that all companies engage with a green business consultant in implementing their tracking tool, which supports the top down initiatives by building support from the bottom up -- at the level of the employee's individual daily activities.

Here's Scott explaining it in greater detail:

Creative Citizen has just launched the green business tracker and the company is already working to implement the tool for several businesses, including five Fortune 500 companies. 

For businesses looking for low-no cost ways to green their operations while saving money and improving employee morale at the same time, Creative Citizen offers a way to jump on the green bandwagon without fear of the greenwash backlash.

Employees get rewarded for green behavior
Creative Citizen launches new suite of products to help track and reward green behavior (and save money) in the workplace.