In last week's Middle Class Task Force meeting led by VP Biden, Fred Krupp, president of the nonprofit Environmental Defense Fund, announced a new interactive website that answers the question, "Where are all these green jobs we keep hearing about?"

Many different groups have been working to define just what the "green economy" actually means, and more importantly where are all the green jobs are. So this new website is a major contribution, helping to prove to both skeptics and the general public just how expansive this new and rapidly growing sector of the U.S. economy is.

The EDF website is a result of a joint-study (PDF) by the fund and partner Duke University, which looked at seven green market sectors in 12 states:

  • LED lighting
  • High-performance windows
  • Auxiliary power for trucks
  • Concentrating solar
  • Super soils
  • Heat-pump water heaters
  • Industrial recycling

By going to the interactive map, you can select by both state and sector (a blogger's dream come true) and link to the various companies to read about exactly how their industry (like the wind company featured above) is contributing to the growth of the low-carbon, green economy (green marks an energy efficiency company, blue a renewable energy company):

Krupp said the report indicates approximately 250 different market sectors within the "green economy" and the website will eventual expand to represent all market sectors in all 50 states, providing much-needed backup for Obama as he pursues the vision of making the U.S. a global market leader in clean and green technologies.

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Tease photo: mil8/Flickr

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