I recently gave a lecture called Environmentalism 2.0 at a conference in Barcelona posing the question, "Can the new internet save the planet?" My premise was that the human species needs a "new brain" in order to survive the environmental crises we are inadvertently perpetrating upon the earth, a brain which would make up for our limitations of perception.

On a whim I posted it to Slideshare and was recently informed that it went to the #1 slot of most viewed shows. So thanks to all those viewers! The slideshow has tons of examples of amazing new websites and social media applications that really change the way we think about (and in some cases) interact with the environment.


I'm calling this new technology “perception tech” -- increasing the depth of our environmental awareness by using radically new methods of creating and distributing content now available on the web (often referred to as Web 2.0). The web is becoming more video-centric, more three-dimensional, and more interactive, allowing us to access more, better, and richer content that previously possible, content that will help us to better perceive our connection to nature and each other. If you want to read the full write up on my lecture you can visit the original blog post

I'll be regularly featuring new and innovative websites that push the envelope in terms of environmental awareness.  Here are 9 of my favorite new sites:

  1.  The Reality COAL-ition uses humor to fight Big Coal
  2.  Slow Food Nation widget gives you local shopping advice
  3.  Eco-Libris lets you offset your 'bookprint'
  4.  The brand new Water Footprint calculator
  5.  The Carbon Grove lets you plant real and virtual trees
  6.  ECOdrivingUSA helps you save $250 on gas
  7.  Plant trees in your iPhone with MokuGift
  8.  RoofRay lets you trace your home's Solar Potential
  9.  PEIR's cell phone technology lets you map environmental pollutants
Environmentalism 2.0 makes it to #1!
My recent lecture on the 'internet brain' hit the coveted #1 spot on Slideshare.