From time to time, I’ll shop at a store that asks me if I want my receipt emailed to me or if I want the paper receipt. I always take the email option. I know I’m giving up a little privacy when I do that because the store now has my email and can send me offers. The stores that have offered are clothing stores and I appreciate the ability to not lose a receipt if I need to make a return or an exchange.

Yesterday, one of my local grocery stores, Shoprite, sent me an email letting me know that it will be offering digital receipts. It’s a free program that will allow me to “print, search and categorize” my receipts. According to Shoprite's website, this is a new program that is being tested, so I’ll still be receiving paper receipts for now. I’d rather not, but I do understand that while a successful program is put into place, this is the way it will be.

In the past, when I’ve been offered an eReceipt, I’ve appreciated the convenience. Now that a grocery store is going to start doing it, I suddenly want everyone to do it.

Aside from the environmental benefit of paper and ink being saved, the ability to access receipts when needed would be so helpful. There have been times when I’ve let something go unreturned because I didn’t have the receipt.

Returns aren’t the only convenience eReceipts offer, though. For tax purposes, if every purchase I made at a brick and mortar store gave me a digital receipt, it would be wonderful. If I received a digital receipt every time I bought office supplies or picked up a prescription or paid for a restaurant meal I can write off as a business expense, my life would be so much easier in March.

I know there are various apps available that allow you to take photos of your receipts, but when I’m checking out at a store, there’s a good possibility I’m not going to take the time to stop, pull out my phone, take a picture of the receipt and organize it in an app.

I want every place I shop at to give me a digital receipt now. I know I’m going to have to wait for that to be a reality.

What is your opinion of the eReceipts and digital receipts? Do you take them when they’re offered instead of paper receipts?

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Every store should offer digital receipts
My grocery store is now offering digital receipts. Now I want everywhere that I shop to do it.