Lawrence Lessig, Director of the nonpartisan organization called Change Congress, just wrote an impassioned plea in The Nation this week for Americans to rise up against the now blatant corruption running rampant on Capitol Hill. He says it doesn't really matter whether your liberal or conservative, republican or democrat, we can all agree that having corporations decide who our elected officials will be is just not right:
Whether on the left or the right, there is an endless list of critical problems that each side believes important. The Reagan right wants less government and a simpler tax system. The progressive left wants better healthcare and a stop to global warming. Each side views these issues as critical, either to the nation (the right) or to the globe (the left). But what both sides must come to see is that the reform of neither is possible until we solve our first problem first--the dependency of the Fundraising Congress.

I've decide in some ways the greatest environmental problem we have right now is a political problem. The vast majority of Americans want a healthy environment for their children and clean sources of energy to power a prosperous economy. But how will it ever be possible to pass a bill that ensures such goals, when the big polluters are also the biggest political fundraisers on Capitol Hill.

So I'm calling out to all those right-wing bloggers who love to bash on me about climate change. Let's put our differences aside at least for a moment and agree on one thing we have in common — a disdain for giant institutions running our country. If you agree that you don't want multinational corporations — even foreign corporations — to chose who wins elections in your state, then sign the Change Congress petition.
First step to saving the planet: Fix democracy
Lawrence Lessig is leading a movement to reform the fundamental evil of society -- the corporate funding of elections. If we don't change Congress, we won't fix