All of my friends are sighing with relief ... the GreenDig video blog is finally live after many months of hard work and technological tribulations. Here's a repost that explains why I decided to take on this project:
As we speak, our entire civilization is being re-engineered in order to make possible a continued, sustainable existence for the human species on earth. And for many reasons, there are forces out there (some uneducated, some smart as hell) trying to stop it.
As a result, there are hundreds of important environmental news stories breaking every day and literally thousands of fantastic green bloggers writing on an array of important issues -- climate policy, conservation, green business and clean technology.

Though this material would make for great video, there seems to be a lack of green video blogs which focus specifically on real news. The video bogging community seems to be falling short in the “green” department.

Not to dis the many green lifestyle video blogs out there (read my top 9 list on But it’s an exciting time, and there is a lot of great (and important) news that needs to get out there.

So the goal of the Daily Dig, the GreenDig video blog, is to do just that by counting down the top 4 most intriguing and important environmental news stories of the day. I hope you enjoy!

Spread the word to friends who you think would dig it and feel free to follow/subscribe to me…

Above is a video I made explaining how the GreenDig website works. To watch my first ever countdown of the top 4 most intriguing environmental news stories of the day stop on by for a gander at


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GreenDig green news video blog goes live!
Karl's green news video blog called the Daily Dig is officially launched.