If you are a savvy online shopper you have most definitely heard about Today's Goodie. As one of the fastest growing online shopping destinations, the TG website has garnered a loyal customer base consistently of smart "Mommies" and "Foodies" looking for quality at a discount.

In some ways websites like TG and Etsy have always been "green adjacent," focusing on small business owners and locally made products. But both have realized they are in a position to capitalize on the trend towards well-made, nontoxic products that support fledgling small business owners.

Owners Shane Shaps and Jacki Caplan just announced the addition of their new "Green Goodie" of the day. The site will be a welcomed contribution to the normally overpriced green shopping carts that litter the web.

Today's Goodie is famous for that "red slash." Every single product is in some way discounted, and the site carefully selects products that are both high quality and low cost, a rarity in the green world.

This week's press release explains why the owners decided to launch the green category:

A few months back, the site's owners Shane Shaps (Louisville, KY) and Jacki Caplan (Chicago) were discussing ideas about how to continue to reduce, reuse, recycle in their own homes when they decided they wanted to take that notion one step further: Ask their customers to do the same. The best way to accomplish this, the pair reasons, is to post "Green Goodies" at a discount on their website, encouraging users to lessen their own footprints on the earth each day. 
It will be interesting to see if TG sets a new bar for affordable green products on the web.
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