Greenpeace is one of the few environmental organizations out there that is really pushing the envelope with their online video campaigns. But Greenpeace's edginess has come at a price. A virtual cyber army of online muckrakers is using almost everything they publish as proof of a terrorist conspiracy.

It sounds silly for most of us trained to dismiss the rants of the ultra-right-wing blogosphere, but Google is not so dismissive. The sheer number of cross-linked anti-Greenpeace blogs far surpasses the handful of pro-environment, pro-Greenpeace blogs. 

Within a couple of days of publishing a post by an angry activist arrested for civil disobedience against CO2 polluters in India, Daily Kos reports that Google search results for key phrases in the post were nearly totally dominated by anti-climate "bloggers" who, acting as one highly trained army, beat one consistent false message into the ground — that Greenpeace is advocating violence. 

Everyone familiar with the history of propaganda knows that the one who is able to repeat his message more wins — if that message is true or false. And truth be told, those on the side of truth are generally LESS motivated to bleat their message ad nauseam because, well, they are telling the truth and the truth SHOULD speak for itself. 

But is doesn't. It never has, and it never will, and if anything the Internet has made the potential for false propaganda to be disseminated more broadly, more quickly, as evidenced by the reaction to the latest Greenpeace vids.

In response writer Brian Fitsgerald had this to say, and truer words were never spoken:

Rosa Parks was not a terrorist. Gandhi was not a terrorist. Law is made when law is broken, and truly big change seldom happens from within the system. Somebody has to throw the tea overboard to get things moving.
The irony of course is that Greenpeace is the REAL tea party here. They are working against the corporate invasion of civil discourse and politics. They other, self-proclaimed "tea party" is of course funded by those same corporations who are attempting to disguise themselves in the sheep's garb of "grassroots" activism.

Similarly, the REAL climategate is not about scientists attempting to cover up data (a claim which now six months later has been completely disproved) but about corporations funding disinformation about climate science.

In this topsy-turvy world we now find ourselves in, we should be thankful that organizations like Greenpeace are here to keep it real. Here's their latest video, which debuts a cool and appropriately edgy look for one organization that will never stop rocking the boat, no matter how hot it gets:

Greenpeace: Civil disobedience is NOT 'terrorism'
Recent Greenpeace videos inciting civil disobedience have summoned the wrath of an anti-environmental cyber army which is framing Greenpeace as a terrorist orga