Just when you thought it was safe to google the word "climate", here comes another website that further alienates the American public on this contentious topic by making an overeducated, white British-sounding guy its spokesperson.

While IDEO is no doubt one of the leaders in high-design, high-concept products and web environments (as you can tell by the beautifully designed home page), they clearly are behind the eight ball in terms of cultural understanding of "climate change" and all that those two little words signify to a largely skeptical public.

I was just privy to a crazy debate in L.A. hosted by Andy Samberg in which I gained a greater understanding of the wonderfully perverse logic used by right-wing communication experts in framing the issue of climate change and misinforming the public on what is, no doubt, the single most important issue facing the human race in the 21st century.

So, IDEO people if you are reading this, a few clues ... a huge percentage of Americans think:

  • climate change was invented by liberal elites
  • it's all about white affluent people feeling pious about their high-design consumerism
  • their motive is to turn America into a socialist nation
Given the success of this framing, any future web projects around climate change should, I suggest, tackle these misconceptions head on.
High-design website offers up climate elitism
IDEO offers a new high-design website that showcases bright solutions for 'living with climate change.' But does it strengthen the notion of climate elitism?