75 days and counting... the date when hundreds of world leaders will gather, Bush-free, to HOPEfully ratify an agreement that will once and for all regulate carbon emissions on a global scale.

CO2 is an interesting pollutant in that it, unlike most other forms of pollution, does not respect geopolitical borders. The CO2 emitted in Brazil effects global weather patterns in the southern hemisphere as much as it effects the melting polar ice cap.

And though scientists have been saying this for decades, the revelation has hit the main stream, and the hope is that the critical mass of public support is now strong enough to "support" (i.e. force) our elected leaders to take action on this pressing issue.

The U.N. is hoping to document that support through an international Climate Petition called HOPEnhagen, which just a launched an impressive online social media campaign.

You can sign the petition online and write your HOPE for the talks this winter. A single global map displays all the hopes. There's also a great share widget which allows you to post directly to Facebook and Twitter or embed an animated badge:

The campaign is being sponsored by two leading software companies (both of whom have developed carbon and energy management software systems) and Coca Cola.

The campaign just launched so there are just a few thousand signees. You can sign up here on the HOPEnhagen website.

It also has a great feed of climate related news, including this sobering report about the 20 million people displaced last year by climate change.

Hopenhagen climate campaign rallies global community
The U.N. launches online social media campaign to show support for decisive action at the Climate talks in Copenhagen this December.