If you've been following my blog you'll have noticed that it's been a big year for bright, young ingenues working to create solutions for some of our planet's biggest problems -- from plastic-eating microbes to insulation made from mushrooms.

Now the BC-sponsored video contest Invent the Future is looking for the next great eco-friendly solution and they have an open call to kids 14-24 to submit a video or essay explaining their idea. The winners will receive a $2,500 prize.

A bunch of the videos are just plain goofy, but there are some good ideas like a mini hydro-electric turbine for storm drains or this rain-supplied toilet:

To be eligible you have to be a resident of British Columbia, so let's hope some U.S. energy companies latch on to this bright marketing idea and encourage a fresh look at ways to conserve our natural resources.
Invent the Future... online
Invent the Future video contest put on by Canadian hydropower company BC Hydro invites youth to help change the world. Winners will get $2500.