Gov. Bobby Jindal has thrown down the gauntlet this week. In exasperation he has called out the Louisiana Coast Guard, BP officials and the Obama administration for what can only be described as negligence in responding to the catastrophic oil spill. Earlier this week, the "first wave" of oil from the collapsed Deepwater Horizon oil platform hit the fragile marshlands of Passe a Loutre, La. 

Jindal went on a boat tour of the marshlands most immediately impacted by the spill and released a set of photographs on his Flickr page. Many have commented on the "grim reaper" aspect of this oil. It seems to kill plant life on contact, making it painfully easy to track how quickly the oil has penetrated one of Lousiana's most important wetlands habitats. 

It's not pretty, but I encourage you to check out the photos and applaud the governor for releasing these photographs publicly. Also make sure and check out MNN's "By the Numbers" infographic on the BP oil spill for some useful factoids.

Jindal's photo album of wetlands oil
Louisiana Gov. Jindal puts up Flickr album of gruesome oil creeping into Louisiana wetlands.