If you've spent any length of time in Hollywood, you're probably all too familiar with a certain "holier than thou" version of environmentalism that frequently centers around the world of eco-fashion.

Julia Stiles, backed by comedic cohorts The Vacationeers, takes a couple of good jabs at this particular green pretense. It is quite funny!

The green world often takes itself a little too seriously, so some green-oriented humor is always welcome. But this video does point out something I have been blogging about for a while -- the "green backlash."

In my post a while back called "The Virtue Purchase: Can a Prius get you into Heaven?" I warned about the dangers of a movement focused on commercializing "green."

Yes, organic cotton, hybrid cars, and fair trade chocolate are all good and important contributions to the movement as a whole. But focusing on the notion of "shopping our way" out of a massive environmental crisis does at some point become, well, just plain comical.

You can view these lovely outfits in greater detail on JuliaStilesStyles.com and if you click the purchase button you will discover a cause that Julia really does care about -- feeding kids in Africa though the LunchBox fund.

Julia Stiles pokes fun at eco-fashion
Julia Stiles cares about the environment more than you! A humorous jab at hollywood-style eco-arrogance.