TckTckTck, a global alliance of more than 200 nonprofit organizations, has announced a new digital technology created in partnership with OneWorld UK that combines "deep zoom" with a social media uploader so people can create collaborative mosaic images online. The first image is called mosaic:EARTH and it was launched in tandem with debut of "HARMONY: A New Way of Looking at our World," a film inspired by the Prince of Wales. Here it is!

The image is a composite of thousands of photos pooled together by Tck's broad spectrum of NGO partners who are working on a wide variety of environmental and social justice campaigns unified by a common vision for a fair, ambitious and globally binding climate treaty. You can zoom in and out of the mosaic and double click to see a text message associated with an image or play an embedded video

mosaic:EARTH poses the question, "What inspires you to make a difference?" and invites anybody to share (or show) his thoughts with the world ... It might a photo of your favorite national park, a video of your kids in the garden, or a picture of the solar panels on your home — whatever it is that motivates you to make the world a better place. 

Uploading takes just a second and doesn't require registration. You just click the "Tell the World' button, select an image, add a description, and click the big orange "FINISH" button. For a limited time, participants in the United States can also enter to win a special pre-loaded HARMONY iPad that includes digital books, apps for green living, photos and more.

For those who want to do more than talk, the mosaic widget has a link to the Tck Action website which features dozens of current action campaigns that address a wide variety of social and environmental causes — from poverty alleviation through sustainable agriculture to wildlife conservation and clean energy initiatives. Here's a list of current featured campaigns:

  • Oxfam: Sow the Seed and support local farming initiatives
  • 10:10 Global: Cut 10 percent of your carbon emissions starting in 2010
  • ForestEthics: Sign a petition to keep pipelines out of the Great Bear rain forest
  • Sierra Club: Encourage President Obama to "move beyond oil"
  • Rainforest Action Network: Tell the U.S. EPA to veto the Spruce mountaintop mine
  • Live Earth: Sign a petition to support clean water for all
  • WWF: Help increase wild tiger populations at
  • Climate Counts: Download an iPhone app and support climate-smart companies 
  • Suzuki Foundation: Encourage local leadership in a climate Race to the Top
  • GermanWatch: Help Germany get to 100 percent renewables by 2050
  • GCAP: Support poor communities affected by climate change
  • It’s One Humanity: Share your message of hope for Cancun
  • Post-Carbon Institute: Get the Post-Carbon Reader
  • The Converging World: Attend Community Energy Open Day
The goal of HARMONY the movie and mosaic:EARTH is to show that the will of civil society is growing — to forge a sustainable and just society that works in partnership with nature. The solutions are available to us now; we just have to try out a "new way of looking at our world."

Here's the trailer for the "HARMONY" movie. Tune in Nov. 19 at 10 p.m. EST!

NOTE: Karl Burkart helped to develop the mosaic:EARTH application with TckTckTck, OneWorld UK and "HARMONY" the movie. 
Mosaic technology reveals the many faces of a growing movement
TckTckTck's mosaic:EARTH combines 'deep zoom' technology with social action to encourage people around the world to join in the growing sustainability movement.