I just discovered this wonderful site which just launched a special section called GlobalGiving Green.  The site lets you give your loved ones a meaningful gift that gives back both to the environment and to local residents in one of 30 projects around the world.  The founders have carefully pre-screened grass-roots organizations, which provide much-needed "on the ground" services.  They take a small transaction fee of 10-15% and funds are distributed in less than 60 days. Here's how it works:


Projects range from tree planting in Brazil ($50 buys 50 seedlings) or forest conservation in Australia to installing a hydraulic pump that can provide fresh water to an entire village in the Philippines ($100).  A photo gallery and detailed write-up accompanies each project, and GlobalGiving guarantees follow up reports to let you know how the projects are progressing.


It's such a simple concept, and it is made "giftable" through an e-card gallery (few choices, but nicely designed).  You can also create a registry online or do a fundraiser by placing a widget on your Facebook or Myspace page. I hope these kinds of charitable gifts take off, especially as people look for more ways to give something meaningful without spending a lot of money on unnecessary objects.  Check out the GlobalGiving site to learn more. 

New website lets you send global green gifts
The "marketplace of good" lets you give three gifts for the price of one.