Green energy geeks rejoice! There is a new data playground for you called VIBE -- the Virtual Information Bridge to Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy by NREL.

NREL (the National Renewable Energy Labs) has maintained the largest database on energy efficiency and renewable energy research for decades. And though their data is amazingly comprehensive, finding some of the reports and research is not always easy.

So NREL just announced the launch of a new more user-friendly website called VIBE. It has information documenting everything form cleantech investments and retail prices of energy, to hydrogen refueling stations and even a green stimulus money tracker.

The site allows you to build your own page with a series of "gadgets" so you can customize the type of info and updates that you want -- renewable energy news, clean cities initiatives, and videos about the Department of Energy.

One of the coolest features is a ZIPcode-based energy profiler that tells you how clean your electrical grid is compared to other cities. It's nice to see that with Stephen Chu at the helm of the Department of Energy, access to information is being given a priority. 

(MNN homepage photo: fout4587/iStockphoto)

NREL creates the energy VIBE
New website pulls together a wealth of information on renewable energy and tracks green stimulus spending.